● Orthodox/Catholic Remembrance Day: November 20
● Martyr
● Born in Gangra in Galatia, today Çankırı, Turkey
● Died in 235 or 312 in Nicaea, today Iznik, Turkey
Eustachius, Thespesius (also known as Thespisios), and Anatolius are revered in Christian
tradition as martyrs who gave their lives for their faith. According to some accounts, they were
put to death during the reign of Emperor Maximinus I, while others suggest that it was during
the persecution of Christians under Emperor Galerius that they met their demise.

Despite the discrepancies in historical records, there is no doubt about the bravery and
devotion of these three brothers. They stood firm in their beliefs even in the face of intense
persecution and faced their execution with courage and grace.
Their legacy lives on in the hearts of believers around the world, who honor their memory and
draw inspiration from their unwavering faith. The story of Eustachius, Thespesius, and Anatolius
serves as a reminder that even in the darkest of times, the strength of the human spirit and the
power of faith can triumph over adversity.