Andrew | Apostle

● Orthodox/Catholic Remembrance Day: November 30
● Name means: the manly (from Greek)
● Apostle, Bishop of Patras, Martyr
● Attributes: discalced, with fish, knitwear and (since the 14th/15th century) the X-shaped
● Patron: of Russia, Lower Austria, the Orthodox Churches, fishermen and fishmongers,
miners, butchers, for marriage mediation, marital happiness and child blessing, against
gout, sore throat, convulsions and red run (St. Andrew’s disease).
● Born in Bethsaida, today the hill Et-Tell near Ad Dardara, Syria or in Capernaum, today
abandoned place on the Sea of Galilee, Israel
● Died on November 30, 60 in Patras, Greece
Andrew, brother of Simon Peter, was a skilled fisherman by profession and one of the twelve
apostles of Jesus. However, his journey towards becoming a disciple was initiated by John the
Baptist, whom he followed before being called by Jesus.
Mark’s Gospel accounts that Andrew was selected by Jesus first, and then following him, he
introduced his own brother, Simon Peter, to Jesus. This reflects Andrew’s role as a missionary
who would bring others to Jesus. Andrew is also mentioned in other places in the Gospel in the
order of precedence within the circle of the twelve disciples.
Andrew was present during significant events in the last days of Jesus’ life, such as when Jesus
prophesized the end times to a handful of disciples including Andrew, and during the miraculous
feeding of 5000 people, where Andrew pointed out a kid carrying loaves and fish to Jesus. He
also acted as an advocate along with Philip for Greeks who wanted to know Jesus.

Andrew was present on occasions like the Last Supper in Jerusalem, at the Ascension, and at
Pentecost. Though his specific activities during these events are not mentioned, he is believed
to have been an integral part of them.
After Pentecost, Andrew may have worked as a missionary alongside his brother, Peter. This
implies that he was passionate about spreading the Good News and building the early church.
Andrew is regarded as the patron saint of fishermen and Scotland, and his legacy continues to
inspire many believers around the world.