Angelika | Angelina | Princess of Serbia

● Orthodox Remembrance Day: July 1, December 10
● Name means: the angelic (from Greek-Latin)
● Princess of Serbia, Abbess in Krušedol
● Born in Albania
● Died in 1510 in Fruška Gora, Serbia
Angelina was the daughter of a nobleman hailing from Albania. She married Stephen, the
Serbian prince who had sought refuge in her homeland after losing his sight. The couple faced
financial hardship following Stephen’s passing, but Angelina persevered and secured a fief from
Emperor Frederick III at Weitensfeld Castle near Gurk in the late 1470s. Around a decade later,
King Matthias of Hungary granted her the castle at Kupinik, located near present day Sremska
Mitrovica. Angelina relocated there, bringing along her two sons.
In 1496, Angelina made a monumental contribution to the religious landscape of the region by
founding the Krušedol monastery, which housed both men and women. Located in the
mountainous region of Fruška Gora, the monastery was spearheaded by Angelina and one of
her sons. Angelina assumed leadership of the associated nunnery and thrived in her role as the
Overall, Angelina’s life was marked by upheaval and challenges, from her husband’s political
turmoil to her struggles for financial security. But she persevered and ultimately left a lasting
legacy through the establishment of the Krušedol monastery, which still stands today as a
testament to her determination and faith.