Antonius | Antonius the Great

  • ● Orthodox/Catholic Remembrance Day: January 17, January 18
    ● Name means: the one standing in front (Latin: from the Antonian family)
    ● Hermit, monk’s father
    ● Attributes: T-shaped cross, pig, devil, beggar bell
    ● Patron: pets, especially pigs, swine herders, brush, basket and glove makers, knights,
    weavers, butchers, confectioners, farmers, gravediggers, against fire distress, wound
    rose, ulcers, skin diseases, headaches, leprosy, plague, syphilis, fire and livestock
    ● Born around 250 in Come, today Qiman el Arus, Egypt
    ● Died in 356 on Mount Kolzim above the present-day town of Zafarana, Egypt
    Antonius, also known as Antony the Great, was born into a wealthy Christian peasant family.
    After the passing of his parents, at the age of 18, he inherited the management of the family
    estate and took care of his younger sister. Antony’s life changed when he read the words of
    Jesus as recorded in Matthew’s Gospel, “If you want to be perfect, sell everything you have and
    give it to the poor” (19:21) and “do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will take care of
    itself” (6:34).
    Deeply affected by these words, Antony renounced all his possessions and entrusted his sister
    to the care of a group of female ascetics. He then retreated into a life of radical poverty,
    becoming a hermit in the year 275. Initially, he lived near his hometown with other men who

    also pursued an ascetic way of life. However, as time passed, he felt the call to seek out greater
    solitude and seclusion.
    Antony’s lifelong devotion to solitude did not make him isolated or indifferent to the world
    around him. Although he lived in seclusion, he continued to exert a powerful influence on the
    Christian world. It is said that he lived up to the venerable age of 105, and even predicted his
    own death.
    Antony’s remarkable story continues to inspire people around the world, reminding us of the
    transformative power of faith, devotion, and sacrifice.