Barachiel | Archangel

● Remembrance Day: November 8
Barachiel, a name derived from Hebrew meaning “blessing of God” is among the seven
archangels mentioned by name in a variety of apocryphal writings. Although archangels Gabriel,
Michael, Raphael, and Uriel are widely acknowledged, three additional archangels, namely
Barachiel, Yehudiel, and Sealtiel, are also cited in the Byzantine Orthodox churches’ traditions
dating back to the early Middle Ages. It is worth noting that the Western Church does not have
a history of venerating Uriel and the angels mentioned above.
In the Book of Enoch, a non-canonical text composed between 130 BC and 68 AD, seven holy
angels who remain vigilant at all times are referenced. It was not until the 15th century,
however, that the monk Amadeus Menez de Silva described seven archangels, with Barachiel
among them. It is important to mention that the spelling of Barachiel’s name also varies,
appearing as Barbiel, Barchiel, or Barkiel, while others identify him with an angel named
Baraqiel, Baraqel, or Berâkêl mentioned in the Book of Enoch.
In the Christian iconography, Barachiel is commonly portrayed with a white rose or white rose
petals on his clothing, which is symbolic of his role as the messenger of God’s blessings. The
Orthodox Church considers Barachiel as one of the seven archangels commonly depicted in icon
painting. Additionally, Barachiel is known to combat the spirit of apathy, indifference, and
lukewarmness, standing as the guardian angel for individuals born on Saturdays, according to
Catholic and Orthodox traditions.