Boris | Roman | Prince of the Kievan Rus’

● Orthodox Remembrance Day: July 24, May 2
● Name means: the fighter (from Russian)
● Prince, Martyr
● Patron: of Russia and Moscow
● Born around 989
● Died on July 24, 1015
Boris was a prince and the son of Vladimir I, the Grand Duke of Russia. In his lifetime, Boris
endured political turmoil and disputes over the rightful heir to the throne. Unfortunately, these
disagreements led to his untimely death, along with his youngest brother Gleb. The mystery of
their murder has yet to be completely solved.
According to the church tradition, Boris’ half-brother Svyatopolk took control of Kiev after their
father’s demise. Once in power, Svyatopolk feared Boris’ military prowess and had him killed
during a military campaign against the Pechenegs. Immediately following Boris’ death, he

arranged for the murder of Boris’ youngest brother, Gleb. Another brother, Sviatoslav, was also
killed under Svyatopolk’s command.
Boris and Gleb were canonized on May 2, 1072, and their remains were transferred to the newly
consecrated Boris and Gleb Church in Vyshhorod, near Kiev. This event marked their recognition
as the first saints of the Russian Church.
The Catholic Church also recognized Boris and Gleb’s outstanding lives, and in 1724, Pope
Benedict XIII confirmed their following as saints. Their lives have been an inspiration to many,
and their legacy has been celebrated for generations.