Cosmas and Damian

● Memorial Day Orthodox: July 1, October 17, October 31, November 1
● Name means: Cosmas: the adorned (Greek), Damian: the tamer (Greek)
● Doctors, Martyrs
● Attributes: Staff of Asclepius, Medicine Box, Medical Equipment
● Patrons: of nurses, doctors, patients, barbers, surgeons, dentists, pharmacists, druggists,
hairdressers, physicists, grocers and confectioners; of medical schools; against
epidemics, ulcers, plague and horse diseases
● Born in Darija/Darayya, today a suburb of Damascus, Syria
● Died around 287 in Aigeai in Cilicia, today Yumurtalık, Turkey
Saint Cosmas and Saint Damian, born in the region of Ephesus in Asia Minor, were brothers
orphaned by their father. They received a robust Christian upbringing from their mother,
Theodoti, which led them to excel academically in a variety of sciences before eventually
focusing entirely on medicine. Despite lacking formal training, the brothers developed an
incredible ability to heal illnesses of all kinds through the power of prayer.
Their ability to cast out unclean spirits and cure even the most severe diseases earned them a
reputation as healers who existed solely to aid those in need, regardless of their social standing.
They were even able to heal irrational animals through their work, which served as a testament to
the scope of their innate talents.
Alongside their commitment to healing bodies, the brothers were equally dedicated to the
spiritual well-being of their patients. They saw their practice as a means of sharing the word of
Christ, promoting eternal salvation and hope through a combination of spiritual and physical
As word of their remarkable gifts spread throughout the land, people from far and wide flocked
to the brothers for assistance, confident in their power to heal both body and soul. Their impact
on the people of their region was so profound that upon their eventual deaths, a church was
erected over Saint Damian’s grave at Fereman, which swiftly became an essential pilgrimage site
for countless seekers of spiritual and physical wellness.
Through the power of their relics and the icon of the saints, the faithful continued to seek help
from Saint Cosmas and Saint Damian, finding solace in their unwavering dedication to healing

and hope. It is through their work that the spirit of Christ lives on, empowering those who follow
their example to heal both themselves and those around them.