● Orthodox/Catholic Remembrance Day: November 7
● Martyr, Companion of Hieron
● Born in Tyana, today Kemerhisar near Niġde, Turkey
● Died around 290 in Melitene, today Battalgazi, Turkey
During the persecution of Christians under the reign of Emperor Diocletian, Hieron was
apprehended by the governor Lysias and imprisoned in Melitine. Despite his captivity, Hieron
refused to renounce his faith and instead, fortified his 34 fellow prisoners, inspiring their
devotion to Christianity. Unfortunately, one of his companions, Victor, succumbed to the
pressure of the persecutors.
Throughout his imprisonment, Hieron displayed great generosity towards his family, bequeathing
most of his riches to his mother and sister Theotimia. Hieron’s unfaltering faith soon led to his
ultimate sacrifice when he was subjected to brutal punishments. First, he was subjected to
amputation, losing a hand, before he was mercilessly flogged alongside his companions. Finally,
he met his end through beheading.
Possessing bravery until the very end, Hieron and his fellow prisoners sang fervently as they
were led to execution, expressing their devotion to the Lord. Their steadfastness became an
inspiration to many, and their names have been enshrined as revered figures in Christianity. The
Companions in the Martyrologium Romanum of 1956/1962 were Nicander and Hesychius, while
the Orthodox tradition also recognizes numerous other names, such as Athanasius, Mamas,
Barachius, Kallinikos, Theogenes, Nikon, Longinus, Theodore, Valerius, Xanthius, Theodoulos,
Callimachus, Eugene, Theodochus, Ostrychius, Epiphanius, Maximian, Ducitius, Claudian,
Theophilos, Gigantius, Dorotheos, Theodotus, Castrychius, Anikletus, Theomelius, Eutychius,
Hilarion, Diodotus, and Amonitus. However, some sources erroneously include Victor among
their names, despite his abandonment of the faith.