Eve | Earth Mother

● Orthodox Day of Remembrance: penultimate Sunday in Advent
● Name means: the life giver (from Hebrew)

● Earth Mother
● Patroness: the gardener and tailor
● Born around 3751 B.C. (Jewish calendar)
● Died around 2831 B.C. (Jewish calendar)
According to the biblical account of creation in the book of Genesis, Eve and Adam were the
first human beings, the parents of all mankind. It is said that Eve was created by God as a partner
for Adam, fashioned from one of his ribs. The couple lived in the idyllic Garden of Eden, where
they could freely enjoy the fruits of the land, and were tasked with tending to the garden by God.
However, the harmony of their existence was shattered when they disobeyed God’s
commandment not to eat the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Upon doing so,
they experienced a sudden moment of self-awareness and shame in realizing their own nudity.
As punishment, they were banished from the garden and forced to struggle for survival outside
its borders.
The couple’s journey thereafter was marked by struggle, including the birth of their sons Cain,
Abel, and Seth. The brothers’ lives, in turn, were fraught with conflict and tragedy. But despite
the many challenges they faced, Eve and Adam remained tenacious and resilient throughout the
course of their lives.
It is said that Eve passed away six days after Adam, marking the end of an era in human history.
Nevertheless, their legacy lived on, as the progenitors of all humanity and the original caretakers
of the earth. In many ways, their experiences continue to inspire and inform us today, shaping
our understanding of the human condition and our relationship to the natural world.