Iehudiel | Archangel

Jehudiel, the archangel whose name in Hebrew means “Glory and praise of God,” is among the
seven archangels mentioned in the apocryphal texts. Alongside the well-known archangels
Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, and Uriel, three others existed in the early Middle Ages. These three,

Barachiel, Jehudiel, and Sealtiel, were particularly revered in the Byzantine Orthodox Churches’
tradition. Although the worship of Barachiel, Jehudiel, Sealtiel, and Uriel was not permanently
established in the Western Church, records indicate that the Middle Ages and the Baroque
period saw the worship of seven archangels.
The Book of Enoch, written between 1000 BC and 68 AD, first records seven holy angels, always
watching, around 130 BC. Centuries later, a monk named Amadeus Menez de Silva († 1482)
described seven archangels, including one named Jehudiel. The name Jehudiel is also found
spelled in Church Slavonic as Jegudiel and Jhudiel.
In Christian iconography, Jehudiel is often depicted holding his attribute, a crown, or wielding a
three-tailed whip. He is considered the archangel of vengeance, fighting against resentment and
envy. Additionally, Jehudiel is the guardian angel of all individuals born on a Friday.
Commemoration day: November 8