Josef | Joseph of Nazareth

● Orthodox Remembrance Day: Sunday after Christmas
● Name means: God has added (Hebrew)
● (Nutrient) Father of Jesus, Bridegroom of Our Lady Mary
● Patron: of the whole Catholic Church, of Austria, of married couples and families,
children, young people and orphans, of workers, craftsmen, carpenters, woodcutters,
carpenters, Wagners, gravediggers, engineers, educators, pioneers, travelers and exiles,
of the dying; in case of eye ailments; in temptation and despair; in housing shortages;
for a good death.
● Attributes: Baby Jesus on the arm, flowering staff, lily, dove, angular measure
● Born in Nazareth in Israel
● Died around 16 A.D.

Joseph was the father – or foster father – of Jesus, because according to ancient Christian
conviction Jesus is the Son of God and was begotten by the Holy Spirit in the womb of the Virgin
Mary. Joseph came from the family of King David, from whom, according to the testimony of the
Old Testament, the Messiah would emerge. He lived as Builder 1 in Nazareth and was the
fiancée of Mary, who then became the mother of Jesus. According to later tradition, he was
already an old, 80-year-old man. When he learned that Mary was pregnant, he doubted her
loyalty and wanted to separate from her; but an angel told him in a dream face that Mary was
pregnant by the Holy Spirit, and Joseph stayed with her (Matthew 1:18-21).