Life and Legend of Julian of Antinoë:

  1. The Prophecy: According to legend, Julian was haunted by a prophecy as a child, which predicted that he would one day kill his parents. Disturbed by this prophecy, he left his home to ensure that it would not come true.
  2. The Unintended Fulfillment of the Prophecy: Despite his departure, a tragic misunderstanding occurred, resulting in Julian inadvertently killing his parents. He had provided them with shelter, not recognizing who they were, and upon his return from a journey, he found them in his bed. Believing his wife had been unfaithful, he killed them in anger, only to later realize they were, in fact, his parents.
  3. Penance and Remorse: Deeply shaken and plagued by guilt, Julian vowed to spend the rest of his life in penance and serving others. He retreated to a river and built a hostel where he sheltered travelers. It is said he assisted travelers in crossing the river and tirelessly served those in need.
  4. The Special Guest: One day, a leper came to Julian seeking help. Julian took him into his hostel, warmed him, and gave him his own bed. During the night, the leper revealed himself as an angel, proclaiming that Julian’s sins were forgiven.
  5. Veneration: Julian became venerated as a saint because of his extraordinary hospitality and his constant pursuit of atonement and service to others. His story serves as a reminder of the power of remorse and the transformative nature of divine grace.

Saint Julian of Antinoë exemplifies the human capacity for repentance, the possibility of renewal through active charity, and the relentless endeavor to do good despite significant personal mistakes.

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