Leonidas of Athens | Bishop of Athens

● Orthodox/Catholic Remembrance Day: 15 April
● Name means: the lion’s equal (Greek)
● Bishop of Athens
● Died around 250 in Athens, Greece
Leonidas, a revered figure in the history of Athens, took over as the bishop of Athens after the
demise of Kodratos. Upon his death, Leonidas was given a burial in Athens on the erstwhile
island of the river Ilisos. A monument was later erected in his honor in the form of the Ilisos
Basilica during the fifth century, which was consecrated to him at that time. The foundation of
this holy basilica still stands today, bearing witness to the perpetual love and respect his
followers had for him.

This magnificent basilica was built over the remains of Leonidas and therefore bears great
significance in the religious history of Athens. As an additional testament to his legacy, Leonidas
is also referred to as a martyr, owing to his association with Leonidas (Callistus and
Companions). His remains and those of his associates were brought to Athens and enshrined in
the Ilisos Basilica during the 5th century, adding to the basilica’s sacred stature. To this day, the
Ilisos Basilica remains a revered spiritual site visited by many who seek to pay their respects to
one of Athens’ most notable religious figures.