Mother of God Jachromskaya | “Tender Mercy”

The Yaroslavl Icon of the Mother of God holds a special place in the hearts of Orthodox
believers. Legend has it that the Icon first appeared to Blessed Kosma vo, Kievo-Persherskaya
Lavra in 1482. The Icon now resides in the Assumption Cathedral within the Kosmin Monastery,
founded by Kosma vo near the village of Lykovo on the Yakhrom River near Vladimir.
Commemorated annually on October 14, the Yaroslavl Icon was the first wonderworking Icon to
be revealed by the Most Pure Theotokos during the Tatar-Mongol yoke. It is believed to have
been brought to Russia, likely from Kiev, almost immediately after Batu’s invasions. The
appearance of this “Tenderness”-style Icon brought comfort and consolation to Orthodox
people in their times of sorrow. Its maternal care and concern is palpable and has earned it a
place of honor within the Orthodox faith.
The Yaroslavl Icon was brought to Yaroslavl by the holy right-believing Princes Basil and
Constantine on July 3. The lower church in the temple of the Prophet Elias was subsequently
consecrated in honor of the wonderworking Yaroslavl Icon of the Mother of God, which
continues to inspire deep reverence and devotion from believers around the world.
Commemoration day: June 8