Mother of God “Joy of All Afflicted” | Mother of God “All mourners” | Mother of God “All sufferers”

The icon of the Mother of God, standing in full form and distinct from her child, depicts her surrounded by a group of mournful individuals riddled with various physical maladies and emotional hardships. These individuals are led by a procession of angels. This particular portrayal of the Holy Mother became well-known towards the end of the seventeenth century. 

Patriarch Ioakim of Moscow’s sister, a resident of the same city, had been grappling with a severe and long-standing illness. One fateful day, while in deep prayer, she heard a voice beckon to her. Startled, she listened closely as the voice spoke the words, “Evfimija! Why do you not seek solace and healing through the One who can mend all wounds? In the Church of the Transfiguration of My Son, there exists an image of myself, one that is known as the ‘Joy of All Those Afflicted’. Please ask a priest to bring this picture to you, but only after he has performed a sacred supplication service accompanied by a water consecration. Only then shall you receive the healing that you seek”.

Following these divine instructions, Evfimija promptly reached out to a priest, who brought forth the image with the necessary preparations. As foretold by the voice, the devoted woman received a miraculous healing, and her illness was vanquished.

Commemoration day: October 24