Mother of God of Chernihiv

Located in the Trinity Elijah Monastery, near the city of Chernihiv, lies one of the most
miraculous icons of the Mother of God. This extraordinary piece of art was painted by the
talented novices Genadij Dubenskij back in 1658, portraying the Mother of God as a bust
holding the Christ Child on her left arm, both of them adorned with crowns.

This miraculous icon has been the center of attention for many visitors for centuries, and its
reputation only increases with time. Its divine power was first witnessed on April 15-24, 1662,
when the Chernigov Mother of God icon miraculously shed tears, leaving its devotees awestruck
and deeply moved. This extraordinary phenomenon became a turning point in the history of
this miraculous artefact, leading to its undisputed fame across the region as a divine symbol of
hope, compassion, and faith.
Despite its popularity, the Chernihiv Mother of God icon encountered numerous challenges
throughout history, with various invasions and wars threatening its existence. Nonetheless, this
holy artefact remained untouchable and sacred, surviving numerous attacks, including the
Tatar’s invasion of Chernihiv in 1662.
Today, the Trinity Elijah Monastery continues to host this priceless treasure, drawing numerous
pilgrims and tourists from all over the world who seek to experience its miraculous aura and
seek refuge in its divine power.
Commemoration day: March 19 and April 16