Mother of God of the “Inexhaustible Chalice”

The convent of Serpukov in Russia is home to the original icon of the Mother of God of the
Inexhaustible Chalice, an important religious symbol for the devoted who believe in the lady’s
powerful influence. Referred to as the “Inexhaustible Cup,” this emblem has come to embody
an endless source of joy, consolation, healing, and life.
As the story goes, etched onto the icon itself is a beautiful portrayal of the Child Jesus sitting
within the Eucharistic chalice, both his tiny hands raised in a gesture of blessing. A great
intercessor, Our Lady is shown in the posture of “Orante,” with her own holy hands lifted in
prayer. She prays incessantly for her beloved children’s well-being, and the Child Jesus hands
out the graces that come from Our Lady’s requests.

As the chalice contains the Most Holy Eucharist and the precious blood of the Lord and Savior, it
is believed to possess the miraculous power to heal addictions and dependencies. Devotees
frequently turn to the “Mother of God of the Inexhaustible Cup” for assistance with problems
such as alcoholism, mental illness, and drug addiction. The inexhaustible source of blessings and
gifts continues to provide reassurance and support to those who seek it out with a pure heart
and a steadfast faith.
Commemoration day: May 5