Mother of God of the “Unburnt Bush” | Mother of God of the “Unburnable Thorn Bush”

The symbol of the non-burning thorn bush serves as a powerful representation of the virgin
Mother of God, highlighting her ability to withstand divine fire without suffering any damage. In
Russia, this complex depiction has been widely celebrated since the 16th century as a pious
image reflecting the purity and grace of Mary. The Mother of God with Emmanuel is depicted
within an eight-pointed star formed by two rhombs, which is in turn surrounded by a rosette.
While the lower star features the symbols of the four evangelists, the rosette and upper spikes
depict angels whose attributes are derived from the Akathistos hymn. It is widely believed that
the depiction of the non-burning thorn bush provides protection against lightning and fire,
making it a revered icon for safeguarding homes and apartments.
Further, the icon features Old Testament prophecies regarding the Mother of God and the
incarnation of God in the four corners. The symbols of the evangelists are also incorporated into
the icon: Matthew is represented by a winged man, Mark by a lion, Luke by a bull, and John by
an eagle. Overall, the intricate details of the icon illustrate the high degree of devotion and
reverence held for Mary, who is regarded as a protector and defender against adversity and
Commemoration day: September 4