Mother of God “of the Unfading Flower” | Mother of God of the “Never Withering Rose”

The image of the Mother of God holding a rose in her right hand while embracing the crowned
Christ Child is a common depiction in Greece, particularly in the West Islands. This image is
deeply rooted in Greek Orthodox tradition and can be found in various forms of art and religious
Interestingly, while this depiction is well-known in Russia and even has its own holiday, it is
extremely rare compared to its prevalence in Greece. The Mother of God is often portrayed as
either standing or enthroned, with her left arm wrapped around the Christ Child, who either
stands on her lap or on a pedestal. In some depictions, the Christ Child holds a scepter and a
globe, symbolizing his power and authority.
The use of flowers, such as the rose held by the Mother of God, is also significant as they
represent purity, innocence, and earthly beauty. This depiction is not only visually rich but also
carries deep religious symbolism and meaning. It is a testament to the enduring legacy and
influence of Greek Orthodox traditions on art and culture.
Commemoration day: April 3