Mother of God of Tikhvin | Tikhvinskaya

The iconic representation of the Mother of God has been a potent symbol for countless
Christians throughout the ages. This particular depiction shows Our Lady gracefully extending
her hand towards her son, the incarnate Son of God, who sits enthroned in regal splendor. He
blesses onlookers with a scroll in hand, radiating divine grace to all who gaze upon His holy
Legend has it that the Icon of the Mother of God, which inspired this breathtaking image,
appeared in 1383 on a cloudy day over the picturesque Lake Ladoga. Captivated by an unusual
light, a group of fishermen casting their nets were stunned to see the painting floating in mid-air
above the tranquil waters. As they watched, the icon was carried by angels, who bore it aloft
and carried it to a variety of locations throughout the countryside.
Eventually, the journey of the Holy Icon led it to stop at the banks of the Tikhvinka river, near
the bustling city of Tikhvin. Awed by the miracle before them, the residents of the area
constructed a majestic church in honor of the Dormition of Mary, Our Lady’s own ascent into
Heaven. While this holy site was tragically destroyed three times by fire, the icon that was
housed inside always remained untouched by the flames.
Today, the Icon of the Mother of God is revered as one of the most powerful symbols of spiritual
devotion in all of Russia. It is said that those who pray before this sacred painting receive
blessings of health, healing, and protection, particularly for the well-being of children and the

recovery of those suffering from grave illnesses. Truly, this radiant image is a testament to the
enduring power of faith, hope, and love in the hearts of all who look upon it with reverence and
Commemoration day: June 26