Mother of God Pantanassa

The history of the miraculous icon of Panaghia Pantanassa can be traced back to the 17th
century when it was installed on the eastern column of the Katholikon of the Vatopedi

Monastery. Many elderly monks residing in the monastery have reported numerous miraculous
interventions carried out by this holy icon over the years.
One such event involves a young man who once entered the church and paid homage to the
icon. Suddenly, the face of the Blessed Virgin Mary shone, and an unseen force threw the young
man to the ground. When he regained consciousness, he tearfully confessed to the fathers of
the monastery that he had previously led a life consumed by magic and sorcery, far away from
God. This miraculous intervention transformed the young man, and he became devout and
pious from that day on.
What’s more, this holy icon is known to have an extraordinary ability to heal cancer patients.
Numerous individuals who have struggled with the dreaded scourge of cancer have recently
experienced a remarkable transformation in their health when offering prayers before the icon
of Panaghia Pantanassa.
In conclusion, the miraculous icon of Panaghia Pantanassa is a powerful religious symbol that
has captured the hearts and imagination of the faithful for centuries. Its imposing presence at
the Vatopedi Monastery has inspired countless believers to pay homage to the Blessed Virgin
Mary and seek her protection during moments of hardship.
Commemoration day: September 24 and August 18