Mother of God “Silence My Sorrows” | Mother of God “Soothe My Sorrows”

Legend has it that the Cossacks brought the iconic painting of St. Nicholas Church, Chto na
pupyschach in Moscow during the reign of Tsar Alexei Mihajlovich. The veneration of the art
piece reached its peak during the severe plague of 1771. The painting showcases the Mother of
God carrying baby Jesus on her left arm, with the Christ Child holding an open scroll on his
hands. The scroll reads the inscription of the Canon of the Cross stating to “Judge a just
judgment.” Additionally, the icon features a mirror-inverted drawing, which is prevalent in
iconography of this kind. It is worth noting that the Mother of God has her right hand over
Jesus’ legs, and her left hand is supporting her head, adding an element of tenderness to the
artwork. These details and facts encapsulate the beauty and richness of the legendary St.
Nicholas Church painting, making it a significant piece in Russian Orthodox culture.
Commemoration day: January 25