Mother of God “Unexpected Joy”

The Chernihiv icon of the Mother of God is known for the miraculous events that have occurred
in front of it. One such event involved a sinner who prayed to the Blessed Mother for
forgiveness. As he gazed upon her image, he suddenly saw it move before him. In shock, he
then noticed wounds and blood appearing on the arms and legs of the child depicted in the
icon, reminiscent of those suffered by Christ on the cross.
Perplexed and searching for answers, the sinner inquired about the source of this phenomenon.
The response he received was unexpected: Our Lady herself spoke to him and revealed that
sinners such as himself are the cause of such suffering.
Receiving this revelation, the sinner was struck with deep remorse at his own sins and repented
of his transgressions. From that moment on, he dedicated himself to a righteous and virtuous
life, inspired by the powerful message he had received from the miraculous apparition.
These events serve as a testament to the enduring power of faith and the transformative nature
of divine intervention. The Chernihiv icon of the Mother of God continues to inspire and guide
believers around the world even today, as a tangible reminder of the ever-present love and
guidance of the Blessed Mother.
Commemoration day: May 1 and December 9