Natalia of Nicomedia

● Orthodox Remembrance Day: August 26
● Name means: the one born on the birthday of Christ (Latin.)
● Widow, benefactor

● Born in Nicomedia, today Ízmit, Turkey
● Died after 300 in Byzantium, today Ístanbul, Turkey
Natalia of Nicomedia was a devoted wife who cared for her husband, the martyr Hadrianus, and
other prisoners who were sentenced to death. Despite the imminent danger, Natalia never left her
husband’s side and comforted him until his final moments. After Hadrianus’ execution in the year
303, Natalia did not return home but instead settled near her beloved husband’s grave in
Natalia’s exceptional devotion to her husband and unconditional care for others make her a
remarkable figure in history. Her legacy continues to inspire people to this day.