Patron Saints of Marriage | Samonas, Gurias, Habib of Edessa

Samonas & Gurias of Edessa
● Orthodox Remembrance Day: November 15, December 2
● Martyrs
● Patrons: of Edessa, for good marriage, marriage and family
● Died around 306 in Edessa, today Sanliurfa, Turkey
● Orthodox Remembrance Day: November 15
● Name means: the beloved (from Aramaic)
● Deacon, Martyr
● Died September 2, 322 in Edessa, today Sanliurfa, Turkey
Samonas and Gurias were close friends who resided in Edessa, now known as Sanliurfa. Gurias
lived as an ascetic and served as a priest, while Samonas was a devout follower. However, their
spiritual devotion did not protect them from the wrath of the emperors Galerius and Maximianus,
who persecuted Christians during their reign.
Unfortunately, Gurias and Samonas suffered the fate of many Christians during this time – they
were subjected to horrific torture for three days, hung upside down, and finally beheaded.
Following their brutal execution, their bodies were entrusted to the deacon Habib for burial.
Despite their untimely demise, the memory of Gurias and Samonas lived on and they were
collectively venerated on a hill located in the northern region of Edessa.
The renowned Syrian church father Ephraem was among the first to take note of the incredible
sacrifice of these two martyrs. Theophilus of Edessa later chronicled their life and passion in
great detail, using accounts from the lost writings of Eusebius of Caesarea.

The legacy of Gurias and Samonas serves as a powerful reminder of the courage and resilience
of early Christians who refused to abandon their faith in the face of unspeakable cruelty and