Peter | Metropolitan of Moscow

● Memorial Day Orthodox/Catholic: December 21
● Name means: the rock (Greek – Latin)
● Metropolitan of Moscow and All Russia, Miracle Worker
● Born in Volhynia, today Volynska Oblast, Ukraine
● Died on December 21, 1326 in Moscow, Russia
Saint Peter was born in Galicia-Volhynia in 1260, where he entered a monastery at the age of
just 13. With the climax of Saint John of Sinai as the guide in monastic life, he rose to high

virtue. His obedience, gentleness, and willingness to undertake unpleasant work endeared him
to all the brethren. He was ordained a priest and after a few years retired to the small
monastery of the Transfiguration, where he found the necessary silence for prayer.
When Metropolitan Maxim of Kiev visited this monastery towards the end of his life, he was
highly impressed by Peter’s virtue and chose him as his successor at the head of the Russian
Church. He submitted a corresponding request to the Patriarch of Constantinople, on whom the
Church of Russia still depended at that time. However, due to political obstacles, the
metropolitan throne remained vacant for several years after the death of Saint Maxim (1305),
and it was only in 1308 that Peter was appointed the new metropolitan of Kiev, whose seat had
been transferred to Vladimir by Saint Maxim after the destruction of Kiev by the Tatars . During
St. Petr was gentle and forgiving in all matters concerning himself, and won over his political
opponents by his forbearance, he was intransigent in questions of faith and morals. He
vigorously opposed Mohammedan propaganda and traveled throughout Russia to encourage
the people in their faith. In 1314 he moved the metropolitan seat to Moscow. Saint Peter was
also a talented iconographer and created the so-called Moscow style. He built several churches,
including the Cathedral of the Dormition in the Kremlin, which he was unable to complete.
He fell asleep in prayer on December 21, 1326. Later, after the completion of the cathedral, his
miraculous relics were transferred there (on August 24).