Philip of Moscow | Metropolitan of Moscow

● Remembrance Day Orthodox/Catholic: January 9
● Name means: the horse friend (Greek)
● Metropolitan of Moscow, martyr
● Born 1507 in Moscow, Russia
● Died on 23 December 1569 in Tver, Russia
Philipp (baptismal name: Theodor Kolyshov) from a wealthy noble house probably began a
military career. At the age of 30, however, he gave it up and entered the monastery on the
Solovetsky Islands in the White Sea and received the religious name Philip. In 1547 he became
abbot there; He also made a name for himself as a innovator in agriculture, he invented a new
system of irrigation and drainage. In 1565 he was appointed Metropolitan of Moscow, at the
same time he was Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church. When Tsar Ivan IV the Terrible
committed a massacre of political suspects and innocent persons in 1567, Philip raised
objections to him, which could not change his mind. A few months later, Philip openly
confronted the Tsar in his presence at Mass: on this altar we offer a pure and bloodless sacrifice
for the salvation of men. Outside this church, the blood of innocent Christians was shed. God
rejects those who do not love their neighbor. I have to tell you that, even if I have to die for it.

Ivan, however, did not stop with his deeds. With absurd accusations such as that of sorcery and
corruption, Tsar Ivan pursued Philip’s impeachment. He was arrested, first imprisoned in various
monasteries in Moscow, then taken to otroch monastery in Tver, where he was suffocated with
a pillow two days before Christmas.