Raïs of Alexandria

● Orthodox Remembrance Day: May 30, September 23, September 5
● Virgin, Martyr
● Born around 290 near Antinoë/Antinopolis, today ruins near El-Roda, Egypt
● Died around 308 in Alexandria, Egypt
According to tradition, Rais was the daughter of the Christian priest Peter in Batan / in Tabne /
Tamman near Antinoë. At the age of twelve, she was introduced to a nunnery. During the
persecution of Christians under Emperor Diocletian, she went to a well to draw water with
other nuns. On the way they saw a ship with nuns, monks and other Christians in chains, who
had been captured by the governor Lucianos / Culcianos and were now brought to Alexandria.
Rais went, insulted the governor and insisted that she too be killed; so she too was captured
and taken to the ship. When this reached Alexandria, Rais was one of the first of the
companions to die after confessing her faith before Lucianos and spitting in his face. She was
tortured and beheaded.