Raphael | Archangel

● Orthodox Remembrance Day: November 8
● Name means: Healer with God’s help (Hebrew)
● Archangel
● Attributes: pilgrim clothing, travel utensils, fish
● Patron: the sick, pharmacists, travelers, pilgrims, emigrants, sailors, roofers and miners;
against eye ailments and diseases in general
Raphael is considered the regent of the second heaven, the protective angel for the tree of life
in the Garden of Paradise Eden, one of the seven angels around God’s throne. He had given
Noah the book with the instructions for building the ark. In Ethiopian Enoch – a book of Jewish
reflections on the world and God written from the 3rd to the 1st century BC – he is considered
one of the four emergency helpers who are placed above all the diseases and wounds of the
children of men (chapter 1).

Raphael became the epitome of the guardian angel in the Middle Ages, depicted with the six
wings of the seraphs; but at the same time it belongs to the cherubim. He is considered the
friendliest and funniest in the angel crowd. He has his sunny disposition because he is
considered the ruler of the sun.