Roman | Boris | Prince of Russia

● Orthodox/Catholic Remembrance Day: June 24
● Name means: the fighter (Russian)
● Prince, Martyr
● Patron: of Russia and Moscow
● Born around 989
● Died 1015
Roman (or Boris) was the son of Vladimir I, Grand Duke of Russia; Olga was his
great-grandmother. After the death of Vladimir I, Boris and his youngest brother Gleb were
murdered in the turmoil and disputes over the heir to the throne. Historically, the question of
guilt is unresolved. According to church tradition, Boris’ half-brother Svyatopolk seized the
capital Kiev after the death of his father and had Boris killed, who – on a military campaign
against the rebellious Turkish people of the Pechenegs – had the largest force. Immediately
afterwards, he arranged for the murder of Boris’ youngest brother Gleb. Sviatoslav, another
brother, had fled to the Carpathians, but he also died under the knives of his henchmen. Of the
brothers, only Yaroslav, who resided in Novgorod – today’s Nizhny Novgorod – escaped with his
life. In 1019, Yaroslav defeated the army of Svyatopolk and chased him to the Tatras, where he
died disgracefully. Yaroslav, later called the Sage, thus avenged the murder of his brothers. As
early as 1050, the veneration of Boris and Gleb began in the Kiev ruling house.