Savva of Storozhev and Zvenigorod | Sabbas

● Orthodox Remembrance Day: December 3 and January 19
Saint Savva, an esteemed figure in the Orthodox Christian faith, chose a life of solitude and
spiritual devotion at a very young age. He was guided on this path by Saint Sergius of Radonezh,
a revered Christian saint, who also became Savva’s mentor and mitasket.
Savva was renowned for his love of solitude and his avoidance of any type of human interaction.
He lived a life of constant austerity and penance, constantly reproaching himself for the poverty
of his soul and trembling in fear of the righteous judgment of God. Despite his harsh existence,
Savva modeled simplicity and humility, attaining a profound spiritual wisdom that made him
revered as an elder by all the brothers at the monastery of Saint Sergius.
When Grand Duke Demetrios of the Don showed gratitude for the victory over Mamai by
constructing the Monastery of the Dormition of Our Lady on the Dubenka River, Savva was
appointed as the Igoumen with the blessing of his mentor, Saint Sergius. He continued to
maintain his ascetic lifestyle, consuming only plants, wearing rough clothing, and sleeping on
the ground.
An interesting account of Saint Savva’s life involves his appearance in a dream to Father
Dionysius, who was then the fourth Igoumen of the monastery of Saint Savva. The saint urged
Father Dionysius to paint his icon, introducing himself as the founder of the place. As Father
Dionysius was not familiar with the saint, he invited Elder Habakkuk, who in his youth had
known Saint Savva, to verify his dream’s authenticity. Upon receiving a detailed description of
the saint’s physical appearance, Father Habakkuk confirmed that the image was indeed
accurate. Consequently, they painted an icon of Saint Savva, which became a significant spiritual
artifact for the followers of the Orthodox Church