Stephan | Stephanus | Stefan | Archdeacon

● Orthodox Remembrance Day: January 4, October 31, December 27
● Name means: the crown (Greek)
● Archdeacon, Archmartyr
● Patron: the horses, horse servants, coachmen, stonecutters, masons, carpenters,
weavers, tailors, against obsession, stone suffering, side stabbing and headache; for a
good death; of the Diocese of Vienna
● Attributes: as deacon, stones
● Born around 1 in Jerusalem, Israel
● Died around 38 near Jerusalem, Israel
Stephen was a prominent figure among the seven deacons ordained by the apostles in the early
Christian community in Jerusalem. This occurred after a major conflict arose between members
of the congregation with Greek and traditional Jewish backgrounds over the care of widows.
The deacons were responsible for not only the social concerns of the congregation but also the
proclamation of the faith itself. Their role was considered to be of high importance, akin to that
of church leaders and the Apostles themselves (Acts 6:1-7).
Stephen was a man of great grace and strength, with a reputation for performing miraculous
signs and wonders among the people. His deeds earned him a place of distinction among his
peers and the wider community. It is said that he was a devout and devoted follower of Christ,
and his unwavering faith only served to further cement his role as a leader within the Christian
Despite his many achievements and positive reputation, Stephen was not without his
detractors. Some within the community despised him and sought to undermine his influence at
every turn. Despite this, Stephen remained steadfast in his commitment to Christ and continued
to work tirelessly to spread the gospel throughout the land.
In the end, Stephen’s dedication and commitment to his faith would cost him dearly. He was
eventually arrested and brought before the Sanhedrin on trumped-up charges of blasphemy.
Despite his protestations of innocence, he was hauled before the council and subjected to a
brutal trial. In the end, he was convicted and sentenced to death by stoning, becoming the first
Christian martyr in history.

Stephen’s legacy lives on to this day, a testament to the power of faith and the unyielding
commitment of those who answer the call of Christ. His story serves as an inspiration to
countless generations of believers, and his life and teachings continue to shape the course of
Christian history.