• Memorial Day Orthodox/Catholic: January 12
  • Martyr
  • Patroness: of the students
  • Attributes: lion, shaved head
  • Died after 235 in Rome

Saint Tatiana lived in Rome during the time of the Roman Emperor Alexander Severus (222-235) and was the daughter of a wealthy and respected Roman who had held the high office of consul three times. She was converted to Christs and became a deacon of the church.

During the Severian persecution, she was denounced and brought before the Emperor, to whom she fearlessly professed her faith in Christ. When they then tried to force her to sacrifice in the idol temple, she caused the idol statues to fall with the power of her prayer. She was immediately seized and brutally slapped in the face. Then they subjected her to the regular torture. Her cheeks were lacerated, she was hung on a torture stake, and her body was beaten with iron claws. Finally, her hair was shaved off and she was thrown into a furnace. Unharmed, she was exposed to the beasts of prey in the arena, but they dared not approach Christ’s athlete. She won the palm of martyrdom by being beheaded.