Vadim | Bademus

  • Orthodox Remembrance Day: April 9

The revered martyr Archimandrite Bademus, also known as Vadim, was born in the fourth century in the Persian city of Bithlapata, hailing from a prominent and affluent family. In his youth, he was blessed with an illumination of Christian doctrine, which ignited a fervent devotion within his heart. Choosing to relinquish all his material wealth, the saint generously bestowed it upon the impoverished and withdrew to the solitude of the desert, where he established a monastery. Immersed in prayer, he sought the presence of God upon a secluded mountain, and through divine grace, he was granted a glimpse of divine glory.

During this epoch, the Persian emperor Zaporo (310-381) initiated a brutal persecution against Christians. Saint Bademus, along with his seven disciples, was apprehended and subjected to relentless torture within the confines of a prison cell. The captors hoped to break their steadfast resolve by forcing them to renounce their allegiance to Christ and instead venerate the sun and fire. Yet, despite the agonizing torment inflicted upon them, Saint Bademus and his disciples clung unwaveringly to their Christian faith, refusing to compromise their beliefs. The valiant confessors endured four arduous months of imprisonment, steadfastly upholding their devotion to Christ.

Throughout this ordeal, the esteemed Holy Bademus served as a spiritual guide and pillar of strength for the Christians residing in Persia, providing unwavering support and encouragement in the face of persecution. His unwavering faith and unwavering dedication to the Christian cause became a beacon of hope and inspiration for those who faced similar tribulations during this challenging period in history.

The life and martyrdom of Archimandrite Bademus serve as a testament to the indomitable spirit of faith and the profound impact one individual can have on the lives of others. Despite the oppressive circumstances, his steadfast devotion and unwavering commitment to Christ continue to resonate as a source of inspiration for believers across generations. The enduring legacy of Saint Bademus stands as a reminder of the resilience and unwavering faith exhibited by early Christians, even in the face of persecution and suffering.

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