Ikonen Mautner
The oldest and most specialized icon gallery in Vienna - since 1959

About the Gallery

The Gallery Ikonen Mautner, in the heart of Vienna, was founded in 1959 by Erich M. Mautner and has been an internationally recognized specialist for original antique icons ever since.

In the early 1960s, Mr. Mautner received rare export licenses for antique icons from various governments. In the years that followed, an extensive icon trade was built up, to which collectors and dealers from all over the world flocked to acquire a few examples of the valuable treasures. Churches and galleries across the world now own valuable icons from our gallery.

Today icons are traded almost exclusively through collections. The gallery is managed in the third generation by Marc Melich-Mautner.

Rarely can a larger number of valuable icons be seen, apart from some international museums. However, a selection of high-quality icons from Russia, Greece, the Balkans, the Middle East and North Africa are on display in our gallery.

The gallery specializes in icons from the 17th, 18th and 19th century. Each of these icons has a third-party certificate of authenticity from the icon expert at the Viennese Dorotheum.

Orthodox icon | Eine Person präsentiert einem faszinierten Paar bei einer Veranstaltung eine Sammlung dekorativer Teller mit orthodoxen Ikonen und erklärt die Feinheiten und Themen der Kunstwerke, die auf dem Tisch vor ihnen ausgestellt sind. | Ikonen Mautner
Services - Ikonen Mautner
Restoration and Conservation

Protect your icons.

Icons are sometimes exposed to external influences that can negatively affect their character or expressiveness. Depending on the type and quality, they can be very sensitive works of art, the condition of which you should regularly monitor and which you should always take care of.

Preservation has therefore always been an important task, also and especially for future generations.

You are welcome to bring your icons to us so that we can carry out an initial assessment (free of charge) and, if necessary, commission a restoration.

Orthodox icon | Die Hand eines Handwerkers ätzt mithilfe eines scharfen Gravierwerkzeugs mit Präzision und Sorgfalt komplizierte Details in ein Stück Metall und veranschaulicht so die Kunst der traditionellen Metallbearbeitung für eine orthodoxe Ikone. | Ikonen Mautner
Orthodox icon | Zwei Hände, die sich an einem Tisch unterstützend schütteln und Vertrauen, Zustimmung oder Trost in einem persönlichen oder beruflichen Kontext symbolisieren und an eine orthodoxe Ikone erinnern. | Ikonen Mautner
Orthodox icon | Eine Person untersucht durch eine Lupe eine braune, polygonale Origami-Figur, die eine orthodoxe Ikone darstellt, und hebt die komplizierten Falten und präzisen Kanten des Papierhandwerks hervor. | Ikonen Mautner
Valuation & Expertise

As icon dealers for over 60 years we have seen countless exhibits from different eras.

You are welcome to bring your exhibits to our shop in person to receive an initial free estimate. However, we would like to point out that we, as Ikonen Mautner, neither issue an expert opinion nor do we officially assess it directly. We have internationally recognized experts for this, including the icon expert of the Viennese Dorotheum Archpriest Chrysostom Pijnenburg, who is also a Russian-Orthodox archpriest in Vienna and an icon scriber. We would be happy to accept your icon for assessment.

Professional written assessments and expert opinions are subject to a fee.

Ikonen Mautner also works with international experts in the field of icon restoration. You are also welcome to send us pictures via email in advance.

Sell ​​your icons

We buy your antique icons. International purchases of high quality antique icons.

You are welcome to deliver your icons to our shop in Vienna, Austria.

We are constantly looking for icons that are privately owned or inherited. The prerequisite is that the icon has been painted/written and is at least 100 years old.

Please send us your icon in advance by email (with pictures and any documents). If the icons fit into our collection, we offer direct purchase or take the icon on commission.