Orthodox icon | Mother of God Joy of All Who Suffer | Bronze | 24858


  • Russian icon
  • Bronze-/Brass-/Metal icon
  • 19th century
  • 14.5 x 12 cm | 5.7 x 4.7 in


This icon, crafted from lustrous bronze, brass, and other yellow-toned metals, is enhanced by a stunning layer of vibrant blue enamel. Its primary subject is the full figure of the Mother of God, represented without the accompanying figure of her child, as is often depicted. The foreground portrays a procession of afflicted individuals plagued by various illnesses and sorrows, guided towards her by divine messengers, or angels. This remarkable icon is traditionally celebrated on its feast day, October 24.

The history of this revered icon of the Mother of God traces back to the late 17th century. It came to prominence due to an incident involving the sister of Patriarch Joachim of Moscow, Evfimija, who had been suffering from a severe illness for an extended period. During a prayer session, she reportedly heard a divine voice guiding her to seek the help of the “Joy of All Sorrowful,” an image of the Mother of God housed in the Church of the Transfiguration. Following the advice, she requested a priest to bring the icon and conduct a supplication service with a consecration of water, which subsequently led to her recovery.

Surrounding the central figure of the Mother of God are various saints and religious figures: Archangel Michael, commemorated on November 8; Christ Pantocrator; Saint John the Precursor and Baptist, celebrated on June 24; Archangel Gabriel, also remembered on November 8; Apostles Peter and Paul, both honored on June 29.

Further included are revered figures such as Saint Basil the Great, whose feast days fall on January 1 and 30; Saint Gregorius the Theologian, celebrated on January 25 and 30; Saint John Chysostom, honored on January 30 and November 13; Saint Nicholas of Myra, recognized on December 6; Saint George, whose feast days are on April 23 and May 6; and Saint Demetrios of Saloniki, remembered on October 26.

The icon also depicts Saint Venerable Zosima and Saint Venerable Sabbatios, honored on April 17 and September 27, respectively, along with a Guardian Angel. The last two figures are the Apostles John, whose feast day falls on May 8, and Andrew, celebrated on November 30.

For those interested in viewing this icon or learning more about it, further information can be found in “Metalen Ikonen – Blauwdruk van een verzameling” by Jos Opdebeeck, published by Campinia Media vzw in 1997. The relevant details are on page 81, and the ISBN for the publication is 90.356.1088.

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Orthodox icon | Mother of God Joy of All Who Suffer | Bronze | 24858
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