Orthodox icon | Mother of God of the Akathist Hymn | 24939


  • Type: Russian icon
  • Age: 19th century
  • Size: 40 X 35.5 cm | 15.7 x 14.0 in


Depicted is the Orthodox icon | Mother of God of the Akathist Hymn.

About this icon:

At the heart of the image sits the Virgin Mary, cradling the Baby Jesus, crowned by a duo of angels. Encircling them are ten prophetic figures: Kings David and Solomon, Jeremiah, Gideon, Moses, Habakkuk, Daniel, Ezekiel, Isaias, and Elias.

Surrounding these central figures are 24 individual portrayals, each accompanied by a verse from the Akathistos hymn: 12 Kondak and 12 Ikos in Greek, each initiated by a letter from the Greek alphabet.

Adorning the outermost layer is the text of the first Kondakion: “To you, the commander battling for us, as your servants freed from evil, we deliver triumphant songs of gratitude, O Theotokos. You, holding unyielding power, safeguard us from all perils, so we may sing to you: Rejoice, unwed bride!”.

Positioned below this is “Akathistos, Our Most Holy Lady and Ever Virgin Mary.”

According to tradition, Georgios Pisides wrote the Hymnos Akathistos in 626, in the wake of Constantinople’s miraculous rescue.

Writing around:

The Greek verses, in their sequential order from left to right, top to bottom, are as follows:

  • Ikos 1: “The angel, among the first, was dispatched from the heavens to deliver the message to the Theotokos…”.
  • Kond 2: “As the saint was pure, she addressed Gabriel with boldness…”.
  • Ikos 2: “Striving to comprehend the incomprehensible knowledge…”.
  • Kond 3: “The power of the Almighty enveloped the woman, unfamiliar with wedlock at that moment…”.
  • Ikos 3: “Post conceiving God in her womb, the virgin rushed to Elizabeth…”.
  • Kond 4: “Engulfed in a deluge of doubts, the wise Joseph was taken aback…”.
  • Ikos 4: “The shepherds were informed of Christ’s arrival in flesh by the melodious angels…”.
  • Kond 5: “The wise men traced the star, racing towards God as it gleamed…”.
  • Ikos 5: “The progeny of the Chaldeans observed in the virgin’s hands, the one who molded man with his own…”.
  • Kond 6: “The wise men, turned divine messengers, retreated to Babylon…”.
  • Ikos 6: “By unleashing the radiance of truth in Egypt…”.
  • Kond 7: “When Simeon was on the verge of departing this misleading world for the afterlife…”.
  • Ikos 7: “The Creator unveiled a new creation to us, making His presence known…”.
  • Kond 8: “Witnessing the bizarre birth, we estrange ourselves from the world…”.
  • Ikos 8: “The ineffable Word was wholly with those below, without deviating from those above…”.
  • Kond 9: “The entire angelic creation was astounded at your incarnation’s grandeur…”.
  • Ikos 9: “We witness eloquent speakers, silenced like fish regarding you, Theotokos…”.
  • Kond 10: “Since the universe’s caretaker wished to liberate the world, he ventured into the same personally…”.
  • Ikos 10: “You stand as a fortress for virgins, Theotokos, Virgin…”.
  • Kond 11: “No laudatory hymn trying to elucidate it parallels the abundance of your numerous mercies…”.
  • Ikos 11: “As a beacon candlestick, illuminating those engulfed in darkness…”.
  • Kond 12: “As the debt eliminator yearned to bestow grace upon all people for past debts…”.
  • Ikos 12: “In praising your offspring, we all extol you as the living temple, O Mother of God!…”.
  • Kond 13: “O universally acclaimed mother, who birthed the most holy Word among all saints…”.

This is a relatively uncommon representation from 19th-century Russian iconography.

Source: Orthodox icon | Mother of God of the Akathist Hymn | 24939 © Ikonen Mautner. Typing errors, other errors or changes reserved.

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Orthodox icon | Mother of God of the Akathist Hymn | 24939
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