Orthodox icon | Praise of the Mother of God | Bronze | 24658


  • Typ: Russian icon
  • Material: Metal-/Bronze-/Brass icon
  • Age: 19th century
  • Size: 9 x 6 cm | 3.5 x 2.4 in


Orthodox icon | Praise of the Mother of God | Bronze | 24658.

This stunning icon is meticulously crafted using bronze, brass, or yellow metal, showcasing a captivating two-tone enamel design. Specifically, it portrays the upper section of a wing from a Tetraptych travel icon.

At the heart of this icon, there lies a captivating depiction of the Mother of God seated on a majestic throne. Her body gracefully turns, while her head bows gently, and her right hand extends in a welcoming gesture. Surrounding her are 12 apostles and kings, all reverently facing her.

Positioned on the left and right sides of the throne are the figures of King David and King Solomon. The prophets portrayed in the icon hold open scrolls in their hands, inscribed with significant prophecies. These inscriptions include phrases such as “I have seen the burning bush,” “What I have heard, I see,” “I am…,” “Rejoice greatly, O Zion,” “Here is the pregnant virgin,” and “Rejoice in…”.

Furthermore, a captivating network of delicate tendrils unfurls behind the central figures, revealing a medallion adorned with the image of Christ Emmanuel, the pre-existent logos. This medallion gracefully rests above the Mother of God.

In certain variations of the icon, the veneration of the Blessed Mother associates with the root of Jesse. This symbolism powerfully portrays a tendril emerging from Jesse lying on the ground, while the trunk grows and intertwines within the intricate network.

This particular icon, with its exceptional craftsmanship and symbolic representation, serves as the upper section of one of the wings in a Tetraptych travel icon. It stands as a remarkable testament to the artistic and spiritual traditions of its era.

Source: Orthodox icon | Praise of the Mother of God | Bronze | 24658 © Ikonen Mautner. Typing errors, other errors or changes reserved. For more information: “Das Synaxarion. Die Leben der Heiligen der Orthodoxen Kirche.” (http://www.prodromos-verlag.de/buecher.html) and Joachim Schäfer: Das Ökumenische Heiligenlexikon – https://www.heiligenlexikon.de

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Orthodox icon | Praise of the Mother of God | Bronze | 24658
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