Orthodox icon | Saint Martyr George, the Dragon Slayer | 24560


  • Typ: Russian icon
  • Age: 19th century
  • Size: 35 x 30.5 cm | 13.8 x 12.0 in


Orthodox icon | Saint Martyr George, the Dragon Slayer | 24560.

The icon portrays the Saint Great Martyr George the Victorious (April 23), depicted as a brave soldier on horseback.

Legend has it that a fearsome dragon terrorized a city, demanding human sacrifices or else it would unleash its deadly breath and destroy the entire population. Through a lottery, the king’s daughter was chosen as the next victim and was taken to the lake where the dragon resided.

Just as the dragon was about to strike, a knight named George from Cappadocia appeared. With his lance bearing the sign of the cross, he bravely pierced the dragon.

George instructed the king’s daughter to lead the vanquished dragon through the city using her belt. Filled with fear, the residents desired to flee. However, George made a proposition: if they embraced Christianity, he would slay the dragon. True to his word, George slew the dragon, and all the inhabitants, including the king, were baptized.

On the left edge:
  1. Saint Prophet Micah, also known as “Micah the Morashtite” (August 14), prophesied in Jerusalem from around 725 to 712 BC. In Micah 5:1-3, he foretold the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem, saying: “…But you, Bethlehem… out of you will come for me one who will be ruler over Israel…”
  2. Saint Venerable Sergius of Radonezh (September 25 and 27, July 7) was a 14th-century monastery founder, abbot of Radonezh, and renowned miracle worker. He holds great reverence in Russia and is the founder of the Trinity Lavra in Sergiev Posad.
  3. Saint Archdeacon Stephen (January 4, December 27) was among the first deacons in the early Christian community of Jerusalem. He was ordained by the apostles through the laying on of hands. Regarded as the first Christian martyr, Stephen faced accusations of speaking against the Temple in Jerusalem and challenging the customs of Moses.
At the edge on the right:
  1. Saint Alexius of Edessa, known as “the man of God” (March 17), was a 5th-century hermit who gained widespread veneration since ancient times. He became most famous during the late Middle Ages and the Baroque era. On his wedding night, he left his newlywed wife and parents, fleeing to Edessa. There, he lived as a hermit in poverty and earned great admiration.
  2. Saint Martyr John (July 30) served as a soldier in Constantinople and met his martyrdom in the 4th century.
  3. Saint Martyr Martha (February 6) was a holy virgin and sister, along with Mary. They endured torture, crucifixion, and witnessed their brother Lycarion’s beheading, all under the watchful eye of their comforting mother in Egypt.
In the middle right bottom:

Saint Anne of Kiev (November 3) was the daughter of Grand Duke Vsevolod I of Kiev. She became one of the first Russian princesses to embrace monasticism and strived to evangelize Russia. Saint Anne passed away peacefully around 1112.

Source: Orthodox icon | Saint Martyr George, the Dragon Slayer | 24560 © Ikonen Mautner. Typing errors, other errors or changes reserved. For more information: “Das Synaxarion. Die Leben der Heiligen der Orthodoxen Kirche.” (http://www.prodromos-verlag.de/buecher.html) and Joachim Schäfer: Das Ökumenische Heiligenlexikon – https://www.heiligenlexikon.de

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Orthodox icon | Saint Martyr George, the Dragon Slayer | 24560
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