Orthodox icon | Saints Zosimas and Sabbatios of Solovki | 24803


  • Typ: Russian icon
  • Age: 19th century
  • Size: 38.5 x 30.5 cm | 15.2 x 12.0 in


Orthodox icon | Saints Zosimas and Sabbatios of Solovki | 24803.

Saint Zosimas

Saint Zosimas, born in Novgorod Province, embraced the life of a hermit at a young age. Upon the passing of his parents, he chose to renounce his inheritance and seek solitude in the Far North. It was there that he encountered Saint Herman, who shared tales of Solovki Island and the remarkable asceticism practiced by Saint Sabbatios.

Inspired by these stories, Zosimas and Herman settled on the island in the White Sea, constructing cells and fearlessly battling the harsh Arctic conditions. Gradually, others seeking a life devoted to God joined them, leading to the establishment of a communal monastery, with Zosimas serving as the abbot. He peacefully departed from this world in 1478.

Saint Sabbatios

In the early 15th century, Saint Sabbatios joined the monastery of Saint Cyril of the White Lake. His virtuous life earned him his peers’ admiration. Later, he sought solitude at the Valaam monastery on Lake Ladoga. Yet, his reputation followed him, pushing him to explore Solovki Island in the White Sea for tranquility.

He partnered with Saint Herman, a hermit from the Vyg River, and they reached Solovki in 1429. As he aged, Sabbatios left the island, longing for Divine Communion, which he hadn’t experienced since leaving Valaam. He met Abbot Nathanael on the Vyg’s banks, who heard his confession and offered communion.

Sabbatios then rested in a nearby church and passed away on September 27, 1435. The next year, Saint Herman and Saint Zosimas founded a communal monastery (Koinobion) on Solovki, producing many saints.

The icon shows the Solovki Monastery with the saints in monastic attire, blessed by Christ Emmanuel. The saints’ halos and the icon’s inner rim gleam with gold.

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Orthodox icon | Saints Zosimas and Sabbatios of Solovki | 24803
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