Orthodox icon | The Blessed Silence Savior | 25025



Russian icon

Metal/bronze/brass icon

19th century

3.1 x 2.6 in | 8 x 6.5 cm


This is a bronze travel icon featuring a unique depiction of Christ.

In the icon, Christ is portrayed as a winged angel with His hands crossed in front of His chest. The nimbus surrounding His head bears an octagonal star, symbolizing the future eighth age of glory. The title of the motif alludes to passages from the book of Isaiah (Isa. 42:2 and 53:7).

The icon represents Christ as the gracious silence, embodying Emmanuel, the One who is to come. He is fully divine, described as divine fire, thus depicted in fiery red hues on wooden icons. He is also the epitome of light, which is why the wrinkles on the icon are gilded with gold leaf, symbolizing the radiance of His being. As a messenger, or “Angelos” in Greek, He brings the message, or “Angelion,” from the Father, yet He Himself is the embodiment of the Gospel, the Evangelion. To emphasize His angelic nature, He is depicted with wings. The position of His hands resembles the stance of Orthodox believers when they approach communion, seeking union with God. Likewise, Christ approaches communion as God, seeking union with humanity by assuming human nature.

The reverse side of the icon features a floral motif, adding a decorative element to the overall design.

Source: © Ikonen Mautner. Typing errors, other errors or changes reserved. For more information: “Das Synaxarion. Die Leben der Heiligen der Orthodoxen Kirche.” (http://www.prodromos-verlag.de/buecher.html) and Joachim Schäfer: Das Ökumenische Heiligenlexikon – https://www.heiligenlexikon.de

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Orthodox icon | The Blessed Silence Savior | 25025
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