Orthodox icon | Three Saints | 24460


  • Russian icon
  • 19th century
  • 17.5 x 15 cm | 6.9 x 5.9 in


Orthodox icon | Three Saints | 24460.

Saint Venerable Mercurius, also known as the Faster of the Far Caves in Kiev, peacefully passed away during the 14th century. His devotion and ascetic practices earned him great reverence.

Saint Nikephoros I, the Patriarch of Constantinople, held unwavering faith in the veneration of holy images. However, this conviction led to a dispute resulting in his deposition by Emperor Leon V, who banished him from his position as patriarch.

Saint Great Martyr Catherine of Alexandria, celebrated on November 24 and November 25, is one of the most renowned saints. She is among the esteemed group of fourteen Holy Helpers in Need and is invoked for assistance with tongue ailments and language difficulties. As the patron saint of schools, philosophical faculties, needlewomen, and tailors, many seek her intercession.

According to legend, Saint Catherine was a consecrated virgin who devoted herself entirely to Christ. She was reputedly the beautiful daughter of the pagan king Costus and his wife Sabinella from Cyprus. Residing in Alexandria, Egypt, around 300 AD, she encountered a hermit who inspired her to embrace the Christian faith. Saint Catherine’s martyrdom took place on a wheel during the reign of the Roman Emperor Maxentius (306-312).

Finally, positioned at the top of the icon, we observe the divine figure of Christ Pantocrator, bestowing His blessings upon all who turn their gaze towards Him.

Source: Orthodox icon | Three Saints | 24460 © Ikonen Mautner. Typing errors, other errors or changes reserved. For more information: “Das Synaxarion. Die Leben der Heiligen der Orthodoxen Kirche.” (http://www.prodromos-verlag.de/buecher.html) and Joachim Schäfer: Das Ökumenische Heiligenlexikon – https://www.heiligenlexikon.de

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Orthodox icon | Three Saints | 24460
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