Ukrainian icon | Mother of God Joy of the Oppressed | 24937


  • Ukrainian icon
  • 19th century
  • 26.5 x 22 cm | 10.4 x 8.7 in
  • Metal oklad


This exquisite Ukrainian icon portrays the Mother of God in her full majestic form, adorned in regal robes that signify her divine status. In her benevolent presence, a gathering of afflicted individuals, burdened by various diseases and sorrows, seeks solace and healing. They are accompanied by angels, who guide and comfort them in their time of need. The remembrance day for this icon is celebrated on October 24, honoring its significance and the miraculous intercession of the Mother of God.

The origins of this revered icon can be traced back to the late 17th century. It was during this time that the sister of Patriarch Joachim of Moscow, residing in Moscow herself, endured a prolonged illness. In the depths of her suffering, she experienced a divine encounter. While engaged in fervent prayer, she heard a voice resonating with compassion: “Evfimija! In your affliction, why do you not seek refuge in the one who heals all? In the Church of the Transfiguration, there resides a sacred image of mine known as the Joy of All the Afflicted. Seek out a priest and request that he bring this icon. Upon the celebration of a prayer service and the consecration of water, you shall receive healing.” Touched by the words of the All Holy Mother of God, Evfimija embraced her message and, as promised, was restored to health.

Above the depiction of the Mother of God, the icon is graced by the presence of Archangels Michael and Gabriel, who stand as celestial emissaries surrounding her with their divine protection and guidance.

Moving to the left side of the icon, from top to bottom, we encounter a collection of revered saints:

  • Saint Martyr Florus (commemorated on August 18), a courageous martyr who valiantly witnessed his faith in the face of persecution.
  • Saint Nicetas the Goth (celebrated on September 15), a noble warrior who, through his conversion to Christianity, became an example of steadfast devotion.
  • Saint Nicholas, Archbishop of Myra (honored on December 6), the beloved patron saint known for his compassion, generosity, and miraculous interventions.
  • Saint Sergius of Radonezh, the esteemed founder of a renowned monastery (commemorated on September 25), renowned for his spiritual wisdom and influential role in shaping Russian Orthodox spirituality.
  • Saint John the Forerunner and Baptist (celebrated on June 24), the prophet who prepared the way for the coming of Christ and baptized Jesus in the Jordan River.
  • Saint Peter the Apostle (honored on June 29), the fervent disciple of Jesus Christ and one of the foremost leaders of the early Christian community.
  • Saint Paul the Apostle (also celebrated on June 29), a zealous apostle and prolific writer whose teachings and missionary journeys shaped the foundations of Christianity.

On the right side of the icon, from top to bottom, we encounter further revered saints:

  • Saint Martyr Laurus (commemorated on August 18), a valiant martyr who fearlessly confessed his faith and endured persecution.
  • Saint Martyr Demetrius of Thessaloniki (honored on October 26), a brave soldier and martyr who is venerated as the patron saint of Thessaloniki.
  • Saint Martyr Boniface of Tarsus, known as the Frost Saint (celebrated on December 19), a martyr who, despite being subjected to extreme cold, remained steadfast in his faith.
  • Saint Niphon, Bishop of Constantia in Cyprus (commemorated on December 23), a holy hierarch known for his wisdom, piety, and pastoral care.
  • Saint Maximus the Confessor, an esteemed monk and theologian (honored on January 21), who fearlessly defended the orthodox faith against heretical teachings.
  • Saint Ivo, a Roman Catholic saint known for his dedication to justice and providing legal counsel to those in need.
  • Saint Pimen (commemorated on August 27), an ascetic monk known for his spiritual wisdom and righteous life.

Above the scene unfolds the divine presence of God the Father, watching over His creation with loving care and unfathomable wisdom.

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Ukrainian icon | Mother of God Joy of the Oppressed | 24937
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